Weinheim Symposium on Green Civil Engineering 2022

Contribute to this exciting event, celebrating 100 years of scientific dialogue in Germany

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Want the opportunity to present and discuss your latest work with fellow German researchers from all areas of civil engineering?

Submit your abstract to the Weinheim Symposium on Green Civil Engineering, a virtual event to be held 24-25 January 2022, and supported by the Ernst & Sohn journal Civil Engineering Design.

Weinheim Symposium on Green Civil Engineering - January 2022

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We’re looking for 10-minute, English-language talks on research in innovative methods and materials in civil engineering. Contributions from early career researchers such as PhD students and postdoctoral researchers are very welcome and their participation is encouraged.

About the event

A new forum for the German research community:

Collaboration and exchange is vital to scientific progress. That’s why we’re providing a new virtual forum for the communication of civil engineering research in Germany, where early career researchers and experts alike can share their work.

The topic:

The 21st century building industry’s biggest challenges involve achieving CO2-neutral construction and meeting the needs of a growing global population, while making the most of the opportunities that come from increasing digitalization.

Current and strategic research areas include:

  • The role of sustainable building in minimizing the consumption of energy and fossil resources.
  • New technological developments that allow for a new generation of adaptive structures and materials, whose shape or geometry can be modified.
  • Automated manufacturing and construction that allow for increased efficiency and ecology.
  • Digital technologies offering new approaches to these challenges.
About Weinheim Symposia:

This event is one in a series of Weinheim Symposia to be held in 2021 and 2022. Wiley-VCH (formerly Verlag Chemie) has a long history of partnering with the German research community. Today, German researchers have access to over 1700 journals, with unprecedented open access publishing opportunities thanks to our partnership with Projekt DEAL.

Celebrate Wiley-VCH’s 100-year anniversary by engaging in what has always been at the heart of our mission: encouraging and facilitating scientific communication.

Submission guidelines

We invite members of research institutes from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to upload a file relevant to the topic including the following:

  • Tentative title
  • Short abstract
  • List of author(s) and affiliation(s).

The Civil Engineering Design editorial office will follow up with a personalized invitation and share full submission guidelines.

The submission deadline has been extended. You’ll be asked to submit your full paper by 10 December 2021, and it’ll then undergo the usual peer-review process. Papers accepted for publication and a selection of the best papers still under peer-review will be eligible for presentation at this special virtual conference.


Main organisers

Prof. Konrad Bergmeister and Prof. Manfred Curbach will serve as the main organizers and symposium chairs.

Confirmed session chairs

Innovative Materials and Structures
Prof. Maria Matheou (Universität Stuttgart)
Prof. Manfred Curbach (Technical University of Dresden)

Computational Design and Engineering
Prof. Andreas Taras (ETH Zurich)
Prof. Jan Akkermann (University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe)

Automatic Modularized Manufacturing & Constructions
Prof. Benjamin Kromoser (University of Natural Resources and Life Science Vienna)
Prof. Oliver Fischer (Technical University of Munich)

Climate Protection and Resource Efficiency
Dr.-Ing. Alex Hückler (Technical University of Berlin)
Prof. Peter Mark (Institute of Concrete Structures, Ruhr Universität Bochum)

About the journal

Civil Engineering Design enables researchers to get their work published quickly as it focuses exclusively on scientific publications with short review and production times. Civil Engineering Design is an online-only, English-language journal based on Ernst & Sohn’s well-known journal Bautechnik.

An interdisciplinary journal, Civil Engineering Design deals with:

  • Innovative theoretical, numerical, and experimental methods for current and new building materials
  • All aspects of conceptual, structural, and performance-based design experimental testing and numerical modelling
  • Geotechnical engineering and soil mechanics from a structural engineering perspective.
  • This interdisciplinary focus addresses the scientific community’s growing need for opportunities to publish interdisciplinary research in the field of construction engineering in the highly specialized journal landscape.
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Weinheim Symposium on Green Civil Engineering - January 2022

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