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Feature your article with a Cover Image

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Please note we are unable to accept the following:
  • Images containing any objectification, sexualization, stereotyping, or discrimination of people
  • Images containing any inappropriate use, representation, or depiction of religious figures or imagery, and iconography
  • Images that include third-party company names, logos watermarks, or copyright/trademark symbols
  • Portraits

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Each journal issue has one Featured (Front) Cover position available and multiple Additional Cover positions available. The benefits of each position are outlined below:
Your Cover Image is: Featured Cover Additional Covers
Placed prominently at the top of the electronic Table of Contents (eTOC)
Assigned a
standard cover captionStandard cover caption example: The front cover image is based on the Research Article Hooded broadcast sprayer for particle drift reduction by Bruno Canella Vieira et al., https://doi.org/10.1002/ps.6770 that links directly to your article
Assigned a unique DOI on Wiley Online Library
Displayed in the journal’s cover gallery
Sent to you as a print-quality PDF
Printed as the cover of the journal issue (printed journals only)
Displayed online as the issue thumbnail to represent the journal issue
*Disclaimer: This journal may offer Additional Cover Image placements, in addition to the Featured (Front) Cover position. We cannot guarantee that your Cover Image will be selected for the Featured (Front) Cover position. You will receive an email from the Cover Image team before publication regarding image placement.

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