Learn more about safety in the laboratory

Anyone working in a laboratory must familiarize themselves with rules and precautions for working safely. In day-to-day laboratory work, it is often not easy to keep track of all guidelines and the many aspects that are important for working safely.

This eBook is designed to give an overview of important safety rules for chemical laboratories.

This includes awareness of potential risks associated with the handling of hazardous substances as well as knowledge of exposure and accident hazards and how they occur. Furthermore, information on best practices for the prevention of laboratory accidents, how to behave in case of exposure to hazardous substances, and many more aspects are compiled in this publication.

Contents of this free eBook:

  • Correct labeling and storage of chemicals and solvents
  • Best practices for the handling of hazardous substances
  • Information about laboratory accidents, e.g., spills
  • Video clips and expert presentations
  • Links to additional online resources

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