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Article Collection

The key to great winemaking lies in knowing how to create distinctive styles of wine that are perceptible for their color, taste, and smell. These attributes stem from complex chemical reactions that occur throughout the process, and any imbalances in these interactions can alter the quality of the final product.

Wiley has partnered with Thermo Fisher Scientific to bring together a special collection of articles that detail just how to monitor and control the chemical reactions that occur during winemaking—from vine to glass.

This important compendium features content from Thermo Fisher Scientific and Wiley publications, including Food Quality & Safety. You’ll read about:

  • How to extend shelf life.
  • The sources of volatile sulfur compounds.
  • The effect of wine closers on certain compounds.
  • How carbon dioxide can impact the sensory properties of wine.
  • Automatic titration.
  • Oxygen content.
  • Measuring pH and clarity.

By providing resources that detail analytical testing in winemaking, we hope to empower you with the knowledge to provide your customers with an extraordinary glass of wine.

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