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Wiley is dedicated to the study and continued research of all aspects of Autism Spectrum Disorder

We invite you to explore the most recent research on the many aspects of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with a focus on neurodiversity and integrating people with ASD into the workplace. Wiley and our partners are proud to present research that is helping to realize the many talents of individuals with ASD and how society and the workplace are richer when we value neurodiversity and inclusion.

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Special Issues:

Wiley is pleased to present useful information and resources from our partners on the study of ASD and how they are putting research into practice


  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and emotions: are we missing something?
    Jody Houston

    A higher prevalence of mental health difficulties for autistic people has been demonstrated, we need to ask ourselves why. Increasingly research is highlighting the differences between autistic and neurotypical (NT) emotional development.

  • Rescuing educational inclusion for autistic children
    Rebecca Wood, University of East London

    Dr Rebecca Wood is a senior lecturer in special education at the University of East London. She is a former teacher and autism education practitioner who has worked in both the mainstream and special education sectors.


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