World Meteorological Day 2020

This year’s World Meteorological Day theme is Climate and Water. This is extremely topical as the world continues to face challenges as a result of floods, droughts and damage through extreme weather conditions.

World Meteorological Day 2020

Theme: Climate and Water
All articles are free to access until 20th April.

Trends and spatial analysis of temperature and rainfall patterns on rice yields in Nigeria
Tendency towards a more extreme precipitation climate in the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5 models
Atmospheric Science Letters

Differential North Atlantic control of winter hydroclimate in late Holocene varved sediments of Lake Kortejärvi, eastern Finland
A 1286‐year hydro‐climate reconstruction for the Balkan Peninsula

Adaptation to Future Water Shortages in the United States Caused by Population Growth and Climate Change
A Global Assessment of Terrestrial Evapotranspiration Increase Due to Surface Water Area Change
Earth's Future

Depth distribution of soil water sourced by plants at the global scale: A new direct inference approach
A global‐scale analysis of water storage dynamics of inland wetlands: Quantifying the impacts of human water use and man‐made reservoirs as well as the unavoidable and avoidable impacts of climate change

Occurrence of seasonal water replacement in mangrove soil and the trunk growth response of Avicennia alba related to salinity changes in a tropical monsoon climate
Ecological Research

Sensitivity of dryland plant allometry to climate
Impact of rainfall seasonality on intraspecific trait variation in a shrub from a Mediterranean climate
Functional Ecology

Understanding the Impacts of Short‐Term Climate Variability on Drinking Water Source Quality: Observations From Three Distinct Climatic Regions in Tanzania

U.S. Hydrologic Design Standards Insufficient Due to Large Increases in Frequency of Rainfall Extremes
Analysis of the Atmospheric Water Budget for Elucidating the Spatial Scale of Precipitation Changes Under Climate Change
Geophysical Research Letters

A historical Southern Ocean climate dataset from whaling ships’ logbooks
The MaRIUS‐G2G datasets: Grid‐to‐Grid model estimates of flow and soil moisture for Great Britain using observed and climate model driving data
Geoscience Data Journal

Characterizing Water Flow in Vegetated Lysimeters with Stable Water Isotopes and Modeling
Groundwater Model Simulations of Stakeholder‐Identified Scenarios in a High‐Conflict Irrigated Area

Nature‐Based Remediation: Growing Opportunities in the Harnessing of Natural Systems
Evidence of Spatio‐Temporal Variations in Contaminants Discharging to a Peri‐Urban Stream
Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation

Catchment chemostasis revisited: Water quality responds differently to variations in weather and climate
Run‐off affected by climate and anthropogenic changes in a large semi‐arid river basin
Hydrological Processes

High‐resolution projections of evapotranspiration and water availability for Europe under climate change
Contribution of atmospheric moisture transport to winter Arctic warming
International Journal of Climatology

Groundwater Loss and Aquifer System Compaction in San Joaquin Valley During 2012–2015 Drought
JGR Solid Earth

Long‐term responses of desert ant assemblages to climate
Journal of Animal Ecology

Climate warming is predicted to enhance the negative effects of harvesting on high‐latitude lake fish
Journal of Applied Ecology

Dryness, wetness and temporary flooding reduce floral resources of plant communities with adverse consequences for pollinator attraction
Current climate overrides historical effects on species richness and range size of freshwater plants in Europe and North America
Journal of Ecology

Best management practices as an alternative for flood and urban storm water control in a changing climate
Hydro‐meteorological approach for the estimation of hurricane‐induced floods
Benefits of an advanced quantitative precipitation information system
Can we still predict the future from the past? Implementing non‐stationary flood frequency analysis in the UK
Journal of Flood Risk Management

Estimating Potential Climate Change Effects on the Upper Neuse Watershed Water Balance Using the SWAT Model
Spatial and Seasonal Response of Municipal Water Use to Weather across the Contiguous U.S.
Journal of the American Water Resources Association

Climate change effect on water resources in Varanasi district, India
Climate change impact on crop evapotranspiration in Turkey during the 21st Century
Meteorological Applications

The handbook for standardized field and laboratory measurements in terrestrial climate change experiments and observational studies (ClimEx)
VoCC: An r package for calculating the velocity of climate change and related climatic metrics
Methods in Ecology and Evolution

Global and regional potential of wastewater as a water, nutrient and energy source
Legal measures to reduce marine environmental risks of seawater desalination in China
Natural Resources Forum

Climate impacts on the ocean are making the Sustainable Development Goals a moving target travelling away from us
People and Nature

Precipitation measurements from the Tropical Moored Array: A review and look ahead
Examining the role of unusually warm Indo‐Pacific sea‐surface temperatures in recent African droughts
Quarterly Journal

Contrasting environmental effects of astronomically driven climate change on three Eocene hemipelagic successions from the Basque–Cantabrian Basin

Climatically forced moisture supply, sediment flux and pedogenesis in Miocene mudflat deposits of south‐east Kazakhstan, Central Asia
The Depositional Record

Inside the ice shelf: using augmented reality to visualise 3D lidar and radar data of Antarctica
Photogrammetric water level determination using smartphone technology
The Photogrammetric Record

Securing water and wastewater systems: global perspectives
Risk‐based water resources planning in practice: a blueprint for the water industry in England
Navigating the water trilemma: a strategic assessment of long‐term national water resource management options for Great Britain
Water and Environment Journal

Snow cover variability in Great Britain during a changing climate
Evidence of links between regional climate change and precipitation extremes over India

Long‐term projections of sea‐level rise from ice sheets
A review of past and projected changes in Australia's rainfall
WIREs Climate Change

The changing water cycle: Freshwater in the Congo
WIREs Water

Wiley Earth and Space Science

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