Communicating science is more important than ever

Scientific research answers the challenges of today to create a better future for us all. Communicating your research drives the change we need to solve today’s global issues. To help you share your work with those who need it most, we’ve pulled together this collection of our top article promotion resources.

Article Promotion Guide

Ready to communicate your research? This eBook walks you through how to promote your published article with best practice guidance.
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Professional Promotion Services

Wiley Editing Services offers professional video abstract and infographic creation to help you promote your research.
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Publishing on a preprint server is a great way to share your work quickly. For articles submitted to participating journals, consider posting your preprinted article through Under Review, powered by Authorea.
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Sharing Your Published Article

With so many copyright types and article versions, the rules around sharing research articles can be confusing. Our Article Sharing Guidelines is a one-page guide to help you make sense of it all.
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Promoting on Social Media

Looking for advice on how to promote your research using social media? Read through these great blog posts with advice for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and creating great images.

Sharing Your Work Through Publicity

Need to share your work with the wider world? Be sure to read through these resources for publicizing your research.

Using Blogs to Share Your Research

Blogs can be a great way to share your work with others in your field and more broadly. Consider these resources to learn more about blogging.

Explain Your Work with Podcasts and Webinars

Podcasts and webinars are a perfect forum to discuss your research, explain its impact, and its next steps. Check out these posts to help you share your work.

This Study Shows

In this podcast series, we explore how to connect research with emotions and experiences to transform the way science is shared. Each episode asks the tough science communication questions: how? why? and so what?
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