Who pays the open access fees?

Is there any open access funding available?

Many funders and institutions have made open access part of their general funding or have created central funds dedicated to covering APCs for their researchers, faculty or members.


Wiley partners with more than 850 institutions and funders.
Visit the Funder Agreements and Payments page to find out if your funder has an agreement or arrangement with Wiley. In addition, our Author Compliance Tool makes it easy to ensure compliance with your funder and/or institution mandates.

  • Removing the open access publishing pay barrier as there is no direct cost to the author.

  • Provides an easy route to publishing open access, and amplifying the impact of your research.


Your institution or funder may be able to help with your open access Article Publication Charges (APCs) through their Wiley Open Access Account.

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*OnlineOpen is the name given to Wiley subscription journals that offer an open access hybrid option.

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