The road to open access: A guide to transformational agreements for institutions

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What will I learn?

  • How to develop strategic objectives for OA
  • Understanding both where you are now and where you are going with OA
  • Picking the right publishing partner(s)
  • Designing a superior transformational agreement
  • Understanding drivers for transformational agreements and overall OA success
  • Recognizing effects of OA on your role
  • Transformational agreement implementation process and workflows
  • Author support for OA success
  • Measuring impact

Transformational agreements

The ESAC Registry of Transformative Agreements currently lists 350+ active transformational agreements, negotiated in over 30 countries with more than 40 publishing partners. Transformational Agreements can be complex in execution and often require a shift in how institutions and publishers work together. They can also alter institutional priorities, how libraries (and librarians) work, and how impact is measured. No two deals are the same and it can seem daunting to make the shift.

We recognize the importance of being well versed in OA and transformational agreements. We have accumulated various insights and best practices from our own OA journey, working with libraries and consortia around the world. It’s important that we share these insights with the institutional community and hope these learnings help librarians navigate opportunities for transformational agreement at large.

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