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Surviving peer review

A former Wiley editor discusses peer review and offers tips and suggestions on how to navigate the process.

Types of peer review

Learn about different approaches to peer review and how journals influence the review process.

Read our 6 tips for mastering peer review

We’ve put together this infographic summarizing the peer review process, the types of decision and reasons for rejection, as well as our six top tips for mastering the peer review process.

How to master the peer review process

Answering your peer review questions

Journal editors provide insight into the peer review process by answering your questions and sharing publishing recommendations on the 5 essential areas: integrity, ethics, fairness, usefulness and timeliness.

5 essential areas of better peer review

After submission, authors may be asked to revise their manuscript. Here are some more tips to dealing with the peer reviewer process

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How to Deal with Conflicting Reviewer Commentstile_color
Best Practice Guidelines on Publishing Ethicstile_color
Our top 10 tips for navigating ethical challenges in scholarly publishingtile_color
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