At Wiley, we believe that every researcher has the power to inspire. Our Inspiring Minds video series shows the real people behind the scenes of the issues discussed in our podcast, This Study Shows.

We care about the people behind the research, their passion for what they do, and their drive to change the world. We tell three stories in these videos, but around the world there are countless stories to be told about the researchers and scientists moving us forward.

Mark Richards is a Doctor of Physics and passionate DJ. Being from a Jamaican family, he has had to overcome discrimination, especially in the early stages of his academic career. He sees collaboration and a combination of perspectives as essential to new developments and change. Mark’s film is a real-life example of the diversity and unexpected collaboration topics discussed in the fourth episode of This Study Shows.

Ella Gilbert is completing a PhD in Meterorological Science. With a long-standing passion for climate issues, she has sought research as a way of creating impact and change. She believes that communicating science to the public is vital and juggles this and her research with semi-professional boxing. Episode 5 of This Study Shows looks into the practical collaborations we need to create real-world change and as an activist and passionate science communicator, Ella is on the front-line of making a difference.

Rashmi Becker has 20 years professional experience in policy and disability advocacy and is now working on a PhD to make a practical difference in this area. Rashmi is passionate about dance as a way for everyone to connect, no matter their background or ability. As guardian to her older brother, who has autism, a learning disability and visual impairment, she has very personal reasons to see her research make a real difference. The final episode of This Study Shows circles back to the “so what” question, and Rashmi’s story is a perfect example of the answer to that question.